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    The latest analysis from best for planning has revealed that the topic of health has become more important for people over the past few years. The ongoing situation with the coronavirus is also increasing the importance of the health industry, but that’s not the only driving force behind it.

    According to the latest industry reports on health based on best for planning and best for tracking, the topic is finding itself towards the top of more and more people’s priority lists before Covid-19 is even factored in. The report shows how different target groups prioritise health, treatment and prevention.

    Using the increased competition for pharmaceutical products at the POS as a starting point, the studies conducted by best for planning and best for tracking analyse the specific challenges facing the advertising industry in terms of the healthcare market and presents recommendations for a concrete media and creative strategy.

    One insight from the report is that people who don’t come into contact with advertising material for a specific brand are less open minded about that brand than people who do come into contact with advertising material for it. Including print in the media mix significantly improves brand perception.

    You can download the full report via the following link: https://gik.media/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/2020-11-10-Pharma-Report.pdf

    The pharmaceutical industry in b4p 2020: The latest market media study takes a look at 14 product areas in the pharmaceutical industry. These include dietary supplements, as well as painkillers and vision aids. b4p surveyed over 200 brands in total as part of the study, which also reached out to retail outlets and investigated consumer behaviour regarding over-the-counter medications.  

    The pharmaceutical industry in b4t: The best for tracking (b4t) advertising effectiveness study surveyed a large number of KPIs relevant for the health industry – recognition, advertising recall, disposition, consumer acceptance, recommendation, use and purchase – for 50 pharmaceutical brands. The study also looked at product interest across 16 different categories ranging from cold and flu remedies to homoeopathic products to hair-loss treatments. The new data from the b4t brand tracking Q3/2020 report will be published at the start of December.

    Here are a few more insights: The ‘Over the Counter’ (OTC) study satellite also offers a target group-optimised approach to the topic. The Target Group Optimising (t.o.m. Pharma for short) allows you to perform a targeted analysis and plan media based on the purchase intensity and purchase types of a total of 27 indications. The three indications ‘immunity’, ‘probiotics’ and ‘cystitis’ were added to the 2020 edition of the new b4p Pharma. The study is expected to be published at the end of November.

    << Link: gik.media