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  • O2 Business targets decision-makers via Programmatic DOOH at the airport

    Placing right-time, right-place messages for O2 Business: The business customer division of O2 Telefónica recently launched a new cross-media reference customer campaign. With this, O2 Business is pursuing the objective of further increasing brand awareness in the business customer segment and raising brand significance among this target group. Together with CITTADINO and the BCN marketing network, the B2B campaign is now being launched at airports in Munich, Düsseldorf and Hamburg. It is aimed at the target group of decision-makers and programmatically optimises the advertising to reach a high proportion of business travellers.


    And in the case of O2, these are business class travellers. They will see a moving image campaign at the airports that focuses on selected reference customers of O2 Telefónica. The advertisement illustrates how the various solutions of O2 Business make an important contribution to the customers’ entrepreneurial success. ‘Uhlhorn uses unlimited tariffs from O2 Business to maximise logistics flexibility with the excellent network from O2,’ explains Sebastian Uhlhorn, Managing Director of Uhlhorn Logistik, in one of the spots. The 10-second advertisements are part of the mobile and land line provider’s largest B2B campaign to date that have just been launched at airports on CITTADINO’s DOOH network.


    Precision targeting based on real-time data

    O2 Telefónica benefits from the unique accuracy and efficiency of Addressable Gate TV: The programmatic solution is based on a forecasting tool developed together with Lufthansa Industry Solutions (LHIND) that links the placement of the advertisement directly with real-time flight data. The selection of the screens on which the spots are shown is based on flight numbers that fulfil the targeting criteria of the campaign. In the case of the O2 Business campaign, Havas Media and Weischer.JvB are in charge of media planning based on the criterion that at least 50 per cent of the passengers on a flight should be travelling on business. The targeting is carried out using processed LHIND data, which determines the seat capacities in the aircraft of all airlines once every half hour. The aircraft being boarded is run against a database with passenger profiles to identify the target group, i.e., business travellers. If the forecast for this time and flight connection reaches more than 50 percent of the target group, the spot is played in the corresponding waiting lounge.



    The playout of the spots then begins 30 minutes before boarding and shortly after landing. This enables the exact allocation of a campaign to the waiting areas at the gates and the baggage carousels where the passengers of the respective flights are actually being processed. In other words, even if gates and baggage belts change at short notice or take-offs and landings are delayed, the campaign always reaches the target group defined in advance.


    Furthermore, Addressable Gate TV by CITTADINO is also enormously efficient for advertisers from a budgetary point of view: billing is based on the number of passengers present and is therefore fully transparent. Only the advertising contacts actually achieved are charged.

    Programmatic bookings at the airport are becoming increasingly popular because the advantages of data-driven targeting make sense to customers. B2B customers in particular benefit from the wide reach of the airport channel if the designated target group – such as business travellers in the case of O2 – is targeted through suitable technology. Automatic advertising aired at the right gate and at the right time is a concept that has caught on.
    Christian KrämerManaging Director CITTADINO
    With Addressable Gate TV, CITTADINO has developed an instrument that allows for reaching advertising-relevant target groups at the airport at the right time and place on large screens at the gate with targeted messages. This enables us to target the customers of our advertisers programmatically – or individually if required – even more efficiently and thus reduce coverage waste to a minimum.
    Costa PatentalisHead of Media Sales DOOH, BCN