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    New section featuring sustainability: FOR OUR PLANET is cooperating with FOCUS ONLINE

    As a BurdaVerlag platform, FOR OUR PLANET aims to inform, inspire and mobilise people and companies to act more sustainably – for the good of our planet. In addition to the already established products and initiatives of FOR OUR PLANET, a cooperation with FOCUS Online has been in place since March. The valuable content from FOR OUR PLANET will now be published regularly in a digital format, enjoying a wide reach, thanks to the development of a joint platform in the sustainability section on FOCUS Online.


    FOR OUR PLANET aims to mobilise people and businesses in the common fight against the climate and biodiversity crisis in order to bring about social transformation. It combines journalism, orientation and networking in the name of sustainability for our readers, consumers and partners. The integration into FOCUS Online means that the media platform for sustainability can also offer companies and partners from the business world a means to communicate their sustainable content – without greenwashing and in compliance with the FOR OUR PLANET code. It has been possible to integrate FOR OUR PLANET into FOCUS Online in a variety of ways, ranging from native content and display ad placements to co-branding of the platform.


    In order to achieve this, especially in the area of environment and sustainability, we ask the questions that are relevant. We provide answers, make recommendations and help reduce the complexity of everyday life with our constructive approaches.
    Florian FestlEditor-in-chief FOCUS ONLINE

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