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    New media brand for Generation Z

    Nothing is more concerning to young people at the moment than climate change and the dangers it poses to our planet. The key question for this generation is: How can we stop climate change by 2050?

    Publisher is breaking new ground with 2050

    For this special target group, from which the Fridays For Future movement also emerged, a small team led by Brand Director Elfi Langefeld, Dominik Schütte (Editor-in-Chief of ESQUIRE) and Bianka Morgen (Deputy Editor-in-Chief of INSTYLE) has developed a new media brand: 2050. The major issues in 2050 are: environment, society, culture and economy. 2050 reports on visions, ideas, projects and people who are working on a future worth living – always scientifically sound, progressive and rooted in realism. The aim of 2050 is to contribute to a constructive social attitude with unwavering optimism and strong enthusiasm.

    2050 is our way of addressing a young generation for which the issues of climate and environmental protection are at the top of the agenda and which is very clearly directing our focus on social grievances. We believe that we are not reaching this target group through conventional channels. We are also rethinking editing.
    Elfi LangefeldBrand Director Publishing Premium Lifestyle

    This is why 2050 will not be available on the newsstand, but will instead be provided directly to the target group. It will even be free of charge. There is no permanent editorial team for 2050, but rather an agile group of interested and motivated journalists who will receive assistance in the selection of topics from an advisory board composed of outspoken thought leaders. The content will also be distributed digitally via various media, such as a free downloadable e-paper that also includes video material. In terms of social media, Instagram will play an important role in the concept.

    The 2050 print magazine will be published twice a year and reach its target group via direct distribution to universities, training centres and other relevant locations. It will be published with a circulation of 30,000 copies produced sustainably in high quality from 100% recycled paper. In parallel, an expanded e-paper of the magazine is planned, which will include additional video content, such as interviews, films and background reports. The Instagram account @zwanzigfuenfzig will present relevant themes and images throughout the year, including infotainment as well as service-oriented video content, quotes, news and infographics. Expansion to additional social media channels such as Tiktok is planned.

    2050 will be launched in spring 2022 on World Earth Day as a print magazine and e-paper as well as on the Instagram channel at the same time.