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    New and improved ADAC Motorwelt presented for the first time

    ADAC presented its new and improved membership magazine – ADAC Motorwelt – for the first time at the IAA Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany. In the future, ADAC Motorwelt will offer information, inspiration and services across 100 pages – in a tangibly high-quality look and feel, in a large format and with an incredibly diverse range of content.

    “ADAC has decided to opt for print to communicate with its over 21 million members, as print represents quality, in-depth content and credibility. The new ADAC Motorwelt is a premium magazine that truly reflects this medium’s added value and highlights all themes related to life on the road.”
    Lars SoutschkaCEO at ADAC

    Reinterpreting mobility

    The new ADAC Motorwelt will be published once every season in future. It will shine a spotlight on all transportation-related topics. Mobility will remain the overarching theme, but the magazine will have a broader outlook, as it will focus on different aspects of life on the road, travel and ways of reaching your destination. Culture-related topics and events that are not necessarily directly connected to the automotive industry will also feature more prominently in the magazine. At the same time, ADAC’s competencies in all things mobility will remain a common thread throughout ADAC Motorwelt. Recurring elements will include a high-quality appearance, reports, event schedules, columns and tests, as well as interviews with celebrities. A well laid-out service section will also feature.

    ADAC will achieve a closer proximity to readers with regional editions. Each of these issues will include a supplement of at least 20 pages put together by ADAC regional clubs with extra information and reports specially from the reader’s region. Seven different supplements will be produced and distributed across Germany.

    Quality and added value

    A qualitative survey distributed among ADAC members has indicated that ADAC Motorwelt’s new quality promise is sure to pay off. The premium magazine left behind a positive impression among all age groups of ADAC members and even among ‘non-readers’ – it received a rating of 1.8. Advertising clients won’t just benefit from having access to a broad target audience with a wide range of interests and the magazine’s versatility of topics, but also from the new sales concept.

    It will be possible to obtain ADAC Motorwelt from ADAC branch offices and service centres by presenting one’s member ID, as well as pick it up for free at EDEKA and Netto supermarkets throughout Germany.

    “Future readers of ADAC Motorwelt will consciously choose to pick up the product, which means that they will have a much closer connection with the brand. There is a major overlap between ADAC members and people who shop at EDEKA and Netto supermarkets. This is how Europe’s largest magazine will reach readers with topics that get them going, right where they need to go. This different, more profound relationship between the user and the product will represent a clear advantage, especially to advertising clients.”
    Burkhard GraßmannCEO at BCN


    ADAC and the media company Hubert Burda Media agreed to begin a strategic partnership in July 2019 for the purposes of revamping ADAC Motorwelt. From the first quarter of 2020 onwards, the Burda subsidiary BCN will be responsible as a general contractor for editing, branding, marketing and distribution, alongside production, manufacturing and printing. ADAC will remain the publisher of ADAD Motorwelt and editor-in-chief Martin Kunz will continue to be responsible for its content. The editorial concept was designed by the agency Storyboard, which has also taken on responsibility for ongoing editorial production.