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    New PMA campaign for general interest magazines

    #DARUMMARKENMEDIEN perfectly sums up the new media campaign for general interest magazines from Pressemarkt Anzeigen (Press Market Working Group (PMA)) in the Verband Deutscher Zeitschriftenverleger (Association of German Magazine Publishers ((VDZ)). Six eye-catching motifs form the base of a platform on which advertisers can confidently demonstrate the impact of their advertising and the importance of journalistic topics in consumer media. At the same time, the campaign will also act as the flagship project of the editorial media activities of VDZ for the coming months to further enhance the profile of the established brand media in competition with other media types.

    The advertising motifs focus on the power of communication in images and text that goes far beyond traditional key indicators. The campaign was developed and implemented by creative connector Ralf Zilligen with his partners Marzena and Florian Zwinge together with photographer Heiko Richard.

    “Just as with branded products, consumers trust journalistic branded media – the branded media in the VDZ. This display of trust and the quality of the relationship between magazine and reader form the heart of the campaign. They are striking features that make a difference in intermedia competition and, in addition to the usual efficiency criteria, give decision-makers more certainty in terms of advertising investments.”
    Michael SamakPMA Spokesperson and BCN Managing Director