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    Sutainability News

    Networks and sustainability: BCN at the HORIZONT Congress

    Firmly anchored in BCN’s DNA is the forging of partnerships and the building of networks. For this reason, BCN was once again a premium partner of this year’s HORIZONT Congress, which brought together leading minds from marketing, advertising and media in the botanical gardens of Palmengarten in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, last week.

    BCN participated in the event even on the sidelines, having set up its own café as a means to engage customers and colleagues from the industry in conversation even better.

    This year’s event was dedicated to ‘Marketing and Media at a Turning Point in History’. In this context, the focus of the numerous lectures and panel discussions centred on ideas about transformation, New Work, mobility and sustainability. Speakers included leading companies from the industry, large publishing houses, renowned agencies, the scientific community as well as from state-run institutions.

    The industry at a turning point in history and new approaches to solutions

    First the global pandemic due to Covid-19 and then the Ukraine war and inflation. The fact that marketing is always facing new challenges and needs to know how to react to them now – that was the topic of the CMO talk with Cathrin Duppel (Rotkäppchen-Mumm), Michael Götz (Gustavo Gusto) and Waltraud Niemann (ING), among others. For example, RTL Germany CEO Stefan Schäfer explained how RTL wants to revolutionise media use with the Germany app. As a provider of journalistic platforms and as an expert, BCN Managing Director Burkard Graßmann spoke on how the topic of sustainability should be marketed and communicated in the wake of growing climate awareness.

    Of course, our advertising partners have to react to this and we have to react along with them. We explored very closely to determine who these people are in order to be able to offer our advertising partners the right solution in the right medium.
    Burkhard GraßmannBCN Managing Director

    When asked what can be specifically recommended to advertisers, Grassmann replied:

    Be bold! There is no need for embellishing. You need to, and can, just speak honestly about the current situation and communicate your goals.
    Burkhard GraßmannBCN Managing Director
    © Bildschoen/Schmetzer
    © Hassenstein
    © Hassenstein

    Even if the current challenges we are facing now bring new issues and require new approaches, creativity is and remains one of the decisive driving forces of the advertising and communication industry. Burkhard Graßmann also made this clear in an interview with HORIZONT in Frankfurt. For BCN, this is not only the creation of content but also an optimised network, especially in the media context. This is also demonstrated by the most recent campaign implemented for Ehrmann, in which maximum presence builds on an integrated storytelling approach.

     The strong food media brands have provided the necessary reach; however, the campaign will be supported by tailored content from influencers and digital out-of-home measures, according to Grassmann. It means that this campaign is an impressive demonstration of how the various players from the BCN network can combine their strengths.

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