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  • #Mutpflaster campaign lifts the taboo around chronic wounds

    Around 3 million people in Germany suffer from chronic wounds. Most of them are not acknowledged in everyday life.

    The #Mutpflaster campaign, developed exclusively by BCN together with influential partners from the medical care sector, leverages information and communication to address this sensitive issue within society and raise awareness. The following companies have joined forces to create visibility among the general public: Bamboo, Cutimed, Coloplast, ConvaTec, curamedical, GDH Gesundheits GmbH Deutschland, Hartmann, Initiative Chronische Wunden e.V., LR People. Health. Care, Mölnlycke, Smith + Nephew and Rodday Wundmanagement GmbH.

    Steffen Rodday, Founder and Managing Director of Rodday Wundmanagement, came up with the idea for this initiative as a way to speak up for all those who suffer from chronic wounds and their families, regardless of individual economic interests.

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    The joint campaign aims to bring those affected out of the shadows and offer relatives and doctors a platform for sharing. The underlying approach: The more people know about chronic wounds, the more wound care can be prioritised in society.

    We are proud that we were able to get Steffen Rodday and all the other partners on board with our concept by b.famous. Turning to our powerful agency and brand network, we succeeded in bringing together twelve different companies for this campaign with a common goal: to raise our readers’ awareness of chronic wounds. This is a socially relevant issue that has received little attention until now.
    Carsten PaulSenior Client Service Manager Health, BCN

    The campaign includes various interlinked campaign elements such as traditional advertising (print and digital), topic-focused advertorials, keyword targeting and two expert interviews in FREIZEIT REVUE with different perspectives on wound care. All elements are harmonised and coordinated through the selected Burda brands.

    As a media company with extensive health expertise, marketing experts for the health industry and access to all relevant touchpoints, BCN has been working together with BurdaVerlag and its influential and credible media brands NetDoktor, the my life health portal, the people magazine BUNTE and other popular women's magazines to provide offer the perfect symbiosis of health expertise and efficient reach.
    Michael SamakBCN Managing Director

    An illustration of a plaster bearing a heart and the hashtag #Mutpflaster serve as a visual framework and cohesive content element. The campaign logo plays with the idea of the beauty of imperfection. It will therefore become a symbol of solidarity among patients, their relatives and medical care staff as the three defined target groups of the campaign. The campaign claim #Mutpflaster ensures the cross-linking of the campaign elements and promotes recognition between communication activity and product. In addition, the campaign is supported by Burda market research.

    The campaign was launched on 22 September 2021 with an advertisement in Lisa and will be followed by keyword targeting ‘Dekubitus’ (‘bedsore’) on netdoktor.de as of 1 November.