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  • Kölln porridge oats - for nutritious meals throughout the day

  • 360-degree content: recipe, photo and video production with Burda’s Food Agency for print, digital, social media and TV channels
  • Burda creates content that whets the target audience’s appetite – formats will be implemented digitally and on TV at appropriate times of the day
  • ProSieben.Sat.1 will support the campaign as a TV partner
  • In an ongoing 360-degree campaign for Kölln and the Hamburg-based agency mediaplan, Kölln porridge oats are set to become the perfect foodstuff for throughout the day, with a diverse range of eye-catching content that presents them as a nutritious foodstuff that isn’t merely confined to the breakfast table. The concept was put together by BCN and is being implemented in close cooperation with Burda Food Agency. The culinary full-service agency founded last year by Burda’s First in Food network (https://www.first-in-food.com/)  is taking on the full scale of content production. Revolving around the overall theme of ‘Porridge oats warm the heart,’ a total of nine recipes and 36 high-quality content building blocks for print, digital, social media and TV channels have been created. These will reach consumers via the appropriate Burda platforms and broadcasters of ProSieben.Sat.1. The goal is to create delicious yet simple meals for everyday use that include porridge oats and appeal to the target audience – thus getting them interested in an effective and well-known energy source that is often overlooked.


    “Being able to get everything from a single source makes this cooperative relationship highly attractive to us as a medium-sized company in the food brand segment. Our goal wasn’t to banish the Kölln brand from the breakfast table, but to communicate the versa-tility of our brand currency – oats – on a wider stage – quickly, efficiently and within a trust-based partnership.”
    Jörg BüttnerHead of Marketing at Peter Kölln

    Effective content throughout the entire day

    From overnight oats or a smoothie for breakfast, to cauliflower risotto or fritters for lunch, right through to a salad bowl or a pizza for dinner – come rain or shine, porridge oats are ‘just right’ at any time of the day. They offer something for everyone! These meals are simple to cook and are sure to make you crave Kölln porridge oats all day long. It is these recipes that form the basis for the content campaign. They are oriented precisely to the target audience’s expectations and prepared for dissemination on a variety of channels. High-quality recipe videos produced by Burda Food Agency form the centrepiece of this campaign. These 30-second videos will be distributed via Das Kochrezept’s social media channels and placed on the portal as native recipes. Bunte.de will create native thematic channels (‘Editorial Branded Hub’) with its own articles. The Burda brands will implement the content at appropriate times of the day so that it makes a major impact among the target audience.
    ProSieben.Sat.1 will be supporting the campaign as a TV partner with a wide reach. The videos will appear on Sat.1-Frühstücksfernsehen (‘breakfast programming’) and on the Kabel Eins format ‘Mein Lokal, dein Lokal’ (‘My restaurant, your restaurant’) from September onwards. The print building blocks include recipe advertorials in Meine Familie & Ich and Freundin, as well as a Meine Familie & Ich book placed prominently at grocery store checkouts.


    “We want to use this opportunity to show what we as a First in Food provider can ac-complish and highlight Burda Food Agency’s unique selling point by means of this cam-paign. We will create tailormade, high-quality and effective content, including TV con-tent, completely from one source and can effectively reach people – including for adver-tising clients – at any media contact point.”
    Nina WinterManaging Director BurdaHome
    “Taking the idea that Kölln porridge oats are perfect for meals throughout the day, we put together an all-encompassing concept and a full-service package that is true to the customer’s brands. This is how we are generating maximum added value for Kölln – not to mention novel insights for consumers.”
    Linda IbscherHead of Client Services Food & Home at BCN