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    Klambt titles join the Medienpanel by Burda

    The ‘Medienpanel by Burda’ (Media panel by Burda) from Burda’s market research unit, Media Market Insights, has a new member. Since 1 January 2023, BurdaVerlag’s panel for media and advertising research has also made it possible to track campaigns that contain titles from the Klambt media group.


    Making impact measurable

    The Medienpanel by Burda enables us to perform a detailed analysis of how effective advertisements are and identify where there is potential for optimisation. The challenging times we are in right now amplify just how critical performance data is to not only using advertising budgets in the most strategic way possible, but also to making sure we don’t lose sight what consumers actually want and that we react to their needs accordingly. We are delighted to now be able to offer this added value for our partner Klambt as well.
    Tanja SeiterDirector Media Research

    The foundation for strategic planning

    The panel is a valuable source of data for brand and advertising managers that allows them to strategically evaluate and plan campaigns. The analyses provide information about how advertising campaigns are performing across different titles and apply creative testing to measure how much the intended target group likes the advertisement they have seen, as well as how strongly it encourages them to make a purchase or carry out any other action it intended. The panel can also be used to carry out surveys on topics that are relevant for advertising customers or brands.


    Advertisers need to structure their budgets based on specific target groups so that they focus on meeting the needs of their customers. The Medienpanel by Burda provides them with the foundation to optimise these using accurate, real-time data. By adding this to its offering, the Klambt media group is following the principle of always enabling advertising partners to achieve the best possible result with their advertisements. We are delighted to be able to develop our excellent partnership with Burda further with the media panel.
    Jan MagatzkiHead of Media Sales at the Klambt media group

    Constantly developing

    Burda’s market research unit Media Market Insights developed the panel together with BCN and today’s BurdaVerlag back in 2019. The panel has continued to develop and expand since it started three years ago. The number of panellists is also constantly growing, with the panel now totalling almost 11,000 members.