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  • John Frieda and BCN reveal the secrets of blonde women

    John Frieda and BCN reveal the secrets of blonde women

    It’s more than just a hair colour. What makes blonde women stand out, what are their secrets and how can brand communication learn from them – those are the questions John Frieda is exploring in the ‘Blonde Secret’ campaign for the sheer BLONDE product line.

    Native campaign stages sheer BLONDE brand with a focus on special moments

    BCN explores the idea in the context of a creative campaign that focuses both on insider tips themselves and the perfect moments to reveal those beauty secrets. The campaign revolves around special occasions in which consumers need to know how to achieve the perfect blonde. On Burda platforms, consumers can learn hair care secrets and gather tips for their personal beauty regimens.

    The aim of the campaign was to concentrate on key moments in which potential consumers are particularly receptive to ad messaging. The formats revolve around situations in which consumers think to themselves, “I want to look radiant today.” These may be moments such as weddings, festivals or after a summer holiday, situations in which consumers may be explicitly looking for special tips. The campaign not only addresses users and readers in the language of their own lives, it speaks to them individually – and very effectively.

    John Frieda has identified three ‘receptive moments’ for the native specials on the platforms of instyle.de, bunte.de and freundin.de. The brands’ Facebook channels also feature eye-catching content surrounding themes such as weddings, holidays, and hair care advice for important appointments or daily tips to help readers shine on the job. Recommendations include tricks and tips for the specially created ‘beach blonde,’ ‘repair blonde’ and ‘wedding blonde’ types.

    The digital roll-out began at the end of April, and starting in July, InStyle, Bunte, Elle and Freundin will be featuring ‘Blonde Secret’ in print with matching content ads that reveal the secret for achieving the right blonde look for any type or occasion – from blonde to blonder, from dull to divine and from damaged to ravishing.

    “We are very pleased with the results. The suggestions aligned perfectly with our campaign idea and helped us to stage our brand to appeal to the right target audience in the relevant situations,” says Armin Haery, Marketing Director for Germany, Austria and Switzerland at John Frieda, Guhl and Biore.

    “Individualisation is becoming an ever more important part of brand communication. The most effective messages are those that appeal to the need of the consumer and speak to their current lifestyle. With ‘Blonde Secret’ and our focus on ‘receptive moments’, we are investing in a personal approach that addresses our readers and users directly and authentically and inspires them in unique ways. We are very proud of the viewing times on our sponsored Facebook posts, which reach an average of two and a half minutes,” adds BCN CEO Michael Samak. 

    Starcom serves as the consulting media agency.

    Image: © Shutterstock