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    Sutainability News

    Increasing the sustainability of mobility, or just a one-off effect? ADAC MOTORWELT shows where improvements can be made

    The summer issue of ADAC MOTORWELT, which is available to all club members as of today, presents the ADAC’s second Mobility Index showing the current developments in transportation in Germany and listing changes that need to be implemented above and beyond the Deutschland-Ticket to ensure that mobility remains affordable, environmentally friendly and safe.

    The new mobility: environmentally friendly and safe

    In an interview with BMW chairman Oliver Zipse, readers learn that sustainable mobility is also a defining issue for car manufacturers. He explains how BMW envisions environmentally-friendly mobility, how future cars will be powered and which innovations will be on display at the 2023 IAA Mobility trade fair in autumn.

    The holidays mean it’s the time to get away

    The current issue of ADAC MOTORWELT features eight pages dedicated to discovering Israel, a popular travel destination – for example, by staying at a kibbutz or two – and which of the local hot spots cannot be missed.

    When in Rome... ADAC MOTORWELT provides an overview of important traffic rules so you don’t spoil your holiday by receiving a ticket for a traffic violation.

    The current issue even includes something for those readers who choose to spend their time at home this summer: seven extraordinary open-air events, recommendations from The Boss Hoss and various special events for car aficionados. There is plenty of inspiration for the most beautiful and warmest months of the year on offer.

    Also in this issue: Celebrity Kai Pflaume and triathlete Laura Philipp talk about their active lifestyles and stamina in a interview. Plus, you’ll find out more about roadside assistance for cyclists and 20 other services that ADAC offers.

    [Translate to En:] © ADAC MOTORWELT
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    [Translate to En:] © ADAC MOTORWELT

    ADAC MOTORWELT impresses readers with a mix of useful content and high-quality entertainment journalism. The membership magazine, which is issued four times a year and is published and distributed by BCN acting in its capacity as ADAC’s main contractor, boasts 6.63 million readers, making it the second largest magazine according to the latest market and advertising media reach analysis of the ma 2023 I. What’s more, each issue of the magazine can boast more than two million active collects (figure courtesy of the publisher)!

    The next issue of ADAC MOTORWELT will be published on 31 August 2023. The deadline for advertisements is already set for 29 June 2023.

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