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    In-game advertising: BCN partners with Anzu platform

    Another expansion in the digital portfolio: BCN is collaborating with Anzu to add in-game advertising to its digital marketing portfolio. Anzu is an AdTech provider in immersive games marketing, with a technical solution that allows advertisers to integrate their messages directly into video games – an interactive way to reach a new, young target audience.

    Anzu uses a new ecosystem that consolidates supply (developers and gamers) and demand (advertisers and brands). Native, creative and dynamic formats are available ranging from blended display and video to user-defined advertising solutions. Anzu offers several game genres and has a global reach of over 120 million active users every month.

    “The BCN is our perfect partner for content formats aligned with market conditions. Thanks to its expertise in meeting customer needs and our gamer-friendly approach, it will be able to access hard-to-reach target groups, a valuable addition to its product solutions.”
    Hendrik MenzBrand & Agency Sales Director, Anzu

    From now on, BCN will be Anzu’s co-marketer on the German market. With its portfolio and dense customer network, the BCN has the access and scope that Anzu needs to gain a foothold in Germany. In addition to programmatic solutions, there are plans to offer gaming as a component of native media campaigns, for example.

    “In light of Germany’s growing gaming scene, we believe this collaboration is a major opportunity to tap into new target groups. Our partnership with Anzu will boost our profile as providers of innovative digital solutions.”
    Mandy SchwabBCN Director Digital Media

    For more information, see: In game advertising with BCN (burda.com)