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    Health Lab by Burda: Shaping the future together

    Once again, the Health Lab by Burda was the industry get-together and catalyst for around 300 decision-makers this year who share the goal of shaping the future together. Last Thursday, representatives of the health industry met together at the invitation of BurdaVerlag and BCN in the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany under the motto ‘Cha(ll)enge accepted’. The challenges of the health industry were the focal point of the talks given by multiple movers and shakers from the worlds of industry, agency and media.

    Fit for the future through successful transformation

    The pandemic initiated an epochal shift that poses new challenges for the health industry. Many clients’ purchasing behaviour has changed profoundly and there has been a shift in the need for brand new categories of products and in distribution channels. Meanwhile, the demand is characterised by high volatility. As a result of these developments and against the backdrop of digitalisation, OTC companies must recreate themselves and meet new challenges with creative solutions. The transformation processes were highlighted in detail at this year’s Health Lab and discussed extensively in panels concerned with the topics of investment strategy, sustainability and sales channels. Zukunftspakt Apotheke (a country-wide coalition of pharmacies in Germany that provide digital services between doctors, pharmacies and healthcare providers) and KLAMBT Media Group were partners of the Health Lab by Burdathis year once again.

    It’s a day for journalism and health. We at Burda stand with our more than 1,000 journalists for the unbridled search for truth, because our health especially must not be surrendered to fake news. We have all experienced the incomprehensible insanity that is being propagated on non-journalistic platforms during this pandemic and how unrestrained the flood of inaccurate news and half-truths is surging over social media. The true exchange of information is all the more important. It is not without reason that Health Lab has become the school reunion of the health industry.
    Philipp WelteBoard Member, BurdaVerlag

    A comprehensive look at the healthcare market of the future

    Among other things, more panels are occupying themselves with question of what still counts as a typical pharmacy in today’s context of increasingly blurred borders. Tobias Brodtkorb from Sempora Consulting shares his views on this topic. Under the title ‘New paths, new sales’, Helga Müller of Dr. Theiss Naturwaren (a healthcare and cosmetics product manufacturer in Homburg, Germany) introduced an example of best practice from the OTC industry. Additionally, Frank Staud of Stada went over the newest results from the 2021 Stada Health Reports, and Steffi Czerny of DLDMedia and author and journalist Nina Ruge discussed the scientific and practical possibilities for reversing the effects of old age.

    The Health Lab is a platform for inspiration and mutual exchange. On and off the stage, we discuss how to handle this challenging market constructively. We want to rethink the future together. This is why we are bringing the industries together.
    Kay Labinsky, Michael SamakCPO, BurdaVerlag/Managing Director, BCN

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