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  • Getting in on hyperlocal marketing with nebenan.de

    BCN is getting in on the marketing of nebenan.de, Germany’s biggest neighbourhood platform with 1.9 million users. The platform enables advertisers to market to audiences at the local street level and maximise native advertising content in a wide range of marketing channels at up to 60 million ad impressions per month.

    Nebenan.de was founded in 2015. nebenan.de has been part of the Burda family since August 2020. The concept of an inclusive, united and active neighbourhood lies at the heart of the neighbourhood network. Apart from interacting with friends, users are also very interested in food and drink, music, cooking and neighbourhood help.

    ‘Neighbourhood’ as an entire ecosystem

    The platform connects real neighbours with verified addresses in private networks to promote social engagement and strengthen social cohesion within a trusted environment. The content is equally available all users, but can be targeted towards users at the national level and down to the neighbourhood level. In addition, suitable content is displayed in the 3,200 interest groups.


    “We offer various advertising spaces, but focus in more detail on the themes of mobility, sustainability and community. Our aim is to create added value for society together with suitable partners and our active community. We will gain a great deal of added value from being able to rely on BCN’s size and creativity in the future. This is why we are very pleased about the cooperation, which we intend to develop gradually.”
    Ina RemmersCo-Founder and Managing Director of nebenan.de

    Users with a strong sense of values and a high affinity for environmental and social issues

    Thousands of hyperlocal networks instead of one big one – that is gist of the marketing idea behind nebenan.de. Above all, relevance is a priority. Another key element is the involvement of users with a strong sense of values and a high interest in sustainability, environmental protection, commitment, neighbourliness and much more. The ‘neighbourhood’ ecosystem creates an exciting advertising environment that closely reflects these themes.


    “As the leading social network for neighbours, nebenan.de has strong credibility and a high reach for the advertising market. One of our main marketing objectives will be to show national advertisers the added value of the neighbourhood platform and to acquire them as cooperation partners. We connect with our customers through stories and native advertising content in the various channels. Storytelling focused on the neighbourhood and high value advertising content therefore ensure a high advertising impact.”
    Michael SamakManaging Director

    For further information on nebenan.de follow this link: nebenan.de by BCN | Burda Community Network