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  • ELLE SPIRIT: The new magazine about wellbeing

    ELLE’s brand family is welcoming a new member that has been complementing ELLE TRAVELLER and ELLE ACCESSOIRES since April: ELLE SPIRIT is a magazine dedicated to the topic of wellbeing. It’s about new relaxation techniques, tailor-made yoga, healthy breathing, the best superfoods and sustainable beauty. On more than 100 pages, readers are invited to refuel, pause, cleanse their mind and reflect.


    With ELLE SPIRIT we set out to learn from the great teachings in Buddhism, Sufism, Reiki or Native American Shamanism. But the magazine also taps into the ancient lore of South Tyrolean herbal healers, for example. In keeping with the style coined by Elle, we highlight the most beautiful utensils and the latest trends on the subject of food, medicine or yoga. The magazine delves deep into the topic with a fresh, light and intuitive approach. And it always stays on point, showing how the topic discussed can contribute to our readers’ wellbeing.
    Sabine NedelchevEditor-in-Chief ELLE

    As an extended offer, the editors have selected suitable songs, podcasts and meditations, which can be accessed by scanning codes in the margin of the booklet via smartphone.


    In times of crisis, like today, the topic of self-care is gaining increasing importance. Luxury means mindfulness, harmony and doing something good for yourself. ELLE thus perfectly complements the ELLE brand world, as it is specifically dedicated to these qualities.

    ELLE SPIRIT is published twice a year as a high-quality standalone on newsstands with a circulation of 50,000 copies. Accompanying the magazine this year for the first time is the multi-day yoga workshop ELLE THE RETREAT, which also focuses on relaxation and physical wellbeing.