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  • Digital media use has risen significantly since March

    Since the beginning of contact restrictions and restrictions on outdoor activities in mid-March, millions of people in Germany have followed the motto #Drinistin (drin ist in: it’s cool to stay in). They work, learn, read and watch videos, and all of these things are increasingly done online. Society’s current need for information and entertainment in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic is reflected in the growing use of media.


    According to AGOF (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online Forschung: German Association of Online Research), the top ten digital marketers, including BCN, recorded a 16 per cent overall increase in reach for March. Individual digital publications were able to position themselves even more strongly. For example, the reach of superillu.de increased by 200 per cent in March and Bunte.de recorded a 13 per cent increase for the past month compared to the previous month, resulting in a total of 11.46 million unique users in March.


    For BCN in practice, this signifies an inventory growth of +17.6 per cent over the entire digital portfolio since the contact restrictions and restrictions on outdoor activities were announced on 19 March. Three clear user behaviour trends have emerged: the Corona heavy informer, Corona pragmatist and Corona online shopper.


    Corona heavy user or Corona pragmatist? Attending to new user types properly

    Corona heavy informers browse news and health sites for the latest developments. They learn how to protect themselves or their families in various healthcare environments. For example, articles on ‘hand disinfection’ or ‘pneumonia’ rose quickly in the ranking of the top articles. The Corona newsletter of Mylife.de had 30,000 subscribers by the end of March.


    Corona pragmatists focus on feel-good environments. With many people currently in quarantine at home, brands such as mein-schoener-garten.de have seen an 87 per cent increase in reach in March. The inventory growth for many digital home and food titles has also developed positively since the beginning of contact restrictions in mid-March (with an increase of up to 90 per cent for mein-schoenes-land.de).


    In addition to a general increase in traffic, the social channels of fashion titles Elle.de, Instyle.de and HarpersBazaar.de have also been used a lot more. This includes a significant increase on Facebook. During times when shops are closed, there are plenty of consumers who switch to online shopping for a short time. For example, mein-schoener-Garten.de recorded a 60 per cent increase in orders in March compared to the same period of the previous year.


    BCN screens the current developments very precisely and is happy to support you in developing special messages in these special times. You can find current advertising and marketing offers on our landing page Corona Initiatives.