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  • The new best4 Brands Report on brand power is here!

    Pure product advertisement or sheer lip-service just don’t cut it anymore in brand communication. In terms of brand positioning, marketing decision-makers are confronted with an increasingly fragmented media world, the ever-increasing number of communication methods and, last but not least, even greater challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Sometimes this can even seem apocalyptic: according to the Havas Meaningful Brands study, 77 per cent of all brands could disappear and nobody would care.


    So, what do brands need to achieve today in order to remain relevant and connected to customers and guarantee customer loyalty? The latest best4 Brands Brand Power Report (in German) from the Gesellschaft für integrierte Kommunikationsforschung (Society for Integrated Communication Research, GIK) provides answers to the urgent question of which trends play an important role today in brand communication.


    In response to the question of which marketing term is ‘top of mind’, ‘social media’ is the one mentioned most often, followed by the related developments of ‘digitalisation’ and topic influencer marketing.

    According to those surveyed, customer loyalty, evoking emotion, storytelling and customer centricity are the most important aspects when it comes to the specific contribution brand communication makes to increasing a company’s turnover and profit.

    The complete study, which identifies a total of eight trend indicators and organises them into graphs, can be found on the GIK website and is available for download at https://gik.media/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Best4Brand_Report_2020.pdf.


    About the study and data collection

    Between 23 March and 23 April 2020, 300 marketing experts from PR, media and advertising agencies, as well as companies with over 250 employees from relevant industries were asked to participate in a telephone interview. Participants were selected on the basis of the Bisnode company database (https://www.bisnode.de), formerly the Hoppenstedt database – one of the leading smart data analytics providers.