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  • Corona crisis: Rising subscription numbers and continued positive growth of magazine sales

    Hubert Burda Media has so far defied the crisis with the stable sales development of its Burda weeklies as well as its fortnightly TV guide magazines. Children’s magazines, puzzle magazines, politics, business magazines and entertaining weekly publications are particularly in demand at kiosks and in food retail stores. This was revealed by the latest sales reports from wholesalers for the month of March. Shares of turnover from railway stations and airports are shifting to the open sales outlets that sell everyday necessities.


    Upcoming Easter sales are also expected to significantly increase food retailing sales. This is based on the assumption that around six million Germans will not travel this year due to the contact restrictions and restrictions on outdoor activities and will instead consume entertainment and information at home.


    Up to 40 per cent increase in new subscriptions

    The increase in subscription numbers is particularly pleasing. The positive trend, which was established at the beginning of March, is set to continue here. In March, for example, there were significant increases in new subscriptions. An increase of up to 40 per cent was recorded along with a below-average subscription cancellation rate.


    A similar scenario is expected for the new acquisition of subscribers and retail sales in April. Hubert Burda Media will be able to manage this with its very efficient sales and logistics system for retail sales and subscriptions. Hubert Burda Media is therefore making good use of the situation for its print media to provide support during the crisis and attract new readers with high-quality journalism and well-made entertainment.


    BCN screens the current developments very precisely and is happy to support you in developing special messages in these special times. You can find current advertising and marketing offers on our landing page Corona Initiatives.