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    The eatbetter content platform helps people navigate the complicated world of nutrition and a balanced diet

    Being healthy can be both easy and delicious! The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in people paying even more attention to what’s on their plate – and whether it’s healthy. But many have lost track of what’s good for you and what isn’t due to the tsunami of information available, the dearth of credible sources and the lack of guidance. That’s why Burda, together with its partner EDEKA, has launched the ‘eatbetter’ initiative.

    “Promoting a conscious approach to diet and nutrition is something that resonates at EDEKA’s very core. Without knowledge, it’s impossible to follow a healthy, balanced diet. That’s why we can’t wait to get the eatbetter initiative started together with Burda so we can get people thinking about it even more.”
    Rolf LangeHead of Corporate Communication at EDEKA Zentrale

    The idea at the heart of eatbetter is simple: make it easy for each and every person in Germany to access information that helps them take a healthy, conscious and balanced approach to diet and nutrition. The content platform offers easy-to-follow, high-quality recipes and information, as well as online and offline services, all of which will ensure that users improve their diet successfully. This means eatbetter can help people navigate the complicated world of nutrition and a balanced diet by informing them and motivating them rather than wagging a patronising finger at them.

    All of the recipes featured on eatbetter are developed by chefs and nutritional scientists according to the eatbetter guidelines and the majority bear the ‘Empfohlen von IN FORM in Kooperation mit der DGE’ (‘Recommended by IN FORM in cooperation with the German Nutrition Society’) logo. The criteria for this award are based on the recommendations of the German Nutrition Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung, DGE) and guarantees nutritional balance.

    The eatbetter initiative is accompanied by a Germany-wide communication campaign developed by Burda’s b.famous content studio. The campaign demonstrates how easy it is to pick a healthy (and not to mention tasty!) meal option in a fun way using memorable motifs and a distinctive comic-book style.


    With eatbetter, Burda unites specialist knowledge and an extensive reach as a media provider and print-market leader in the subject area of food (including ‘Meine Familie & ich’, ‘Lust auf Genuss’, ‘Slowly Veggie’, ‘Daskochrezept.de’, ‘Einfachbacken.de’; IVW I/2020).

    eatbetter offers both ad formats such as display ads and native formats such as online advertorials or branded hubs on eatbetter.de. Plus, advertising partners can advertise on eatbetter platforms in the form of standard ads or advertorials in Burda’s home and food titles.

    “eatbetter will make the topic of healthy diet and nutrition more accessible to our readers and users on all channels as well as demystify it in a format that they connect with. With EDEKA, Germany’s largest local supermarket chain for which both quality and responsibility are of the highest order, Burda has the perfect partner at its side that is helping to fly the flag of the eatbetter initiative with enthusiasm across all channels.”
    Nina WinterManaging Director (BurdaHome/Food) and manager of eatbetter