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    Germany is currently home to 34.8 million men. But how are men faring in the year 2020, and what role do they play as a target audience for marketing? The new Men’s Report from Burda’s Media Market Insights research department reveals a diverse and thought-provoking portrait of the transformation in contemporary concepts of masculinity.

    The ‘new man’ is more than just a tired trope conjured up by movies and advertising. Traditional gender roles are truly in flux. The perception of masculinity is currently shifting between traditional male role models and the ‘new man’ and transitioning from the historically power and success-driven image of manliness to a new concept, in which the ‘strong sex’ is increasingly collaborative, equitable, sensitive and imbued with a deep commitment to family.

    When it comes to gender roles, we are currently experience the greatest revolution in history. For quite a few years now, societal developments have been destabilizing the traditional role of the man.
    Prof. Walter HollsteinSociologist and Masculinity Researcher

    The ‘new man’ has a different attitude toward his own conduct and consumption. There are a growing number of men who place more value on their nutrition and appearance, and the industry is responding by launching new beauty and lifestyle products.

    But this new trend toward balancing gender roles has also been met with a reactionary response. The Rheingold Institute’s study ‘The Return of the Machos’ (‘Die Rückkehr der Machos’) investigates this push for a return to traditional masculinity. The ‘man’s man’ has a place on the market, too, with new takes on old standards, such as barber shops, barbecue magazines and craft beer.

    With all these options on the table, men are expressing a major desire for information and guidance. With publications such as ESQUIRE, FOCUS Style, HOW TO BE A MAN and InStyle Men, Burda offers a range of media designed to appeal to different types of men. BCN also markets additional men’s publications with high-quality content tailored to provide entertainment and guidance for the sophisticated man while helping advertisers and marketers improve communication with their target audiences.