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    BurdaForward Advertising & BCN: Germany’s best home

    Retirement and social security, insurance and construction financing are issues that most people have to deal with at some point, but they are also topics that tend to be complicated, dry and offer little in the way of entertainment. That makes it even more challenging to take these themes and transform them into real, emotional stories that people can relate to. BurdaForward Advertising and BCN took on just this challenge in a project for our client Interhyp, working together with the brand Focus to develop a sample best practice campaign on the topic of construction financing.

    Storytelling with a combination of print and online content

    Publishing house and advertising client worked in close cooperation to produce a successful native storytelling campaign using a combination of online and print content. The microsite ‘Germany’s best home’ used branded content on Focus Online as well as advertorials and ads in Focus magazine to search for and find Germany’s three best home construction projects: The 79-year-old who wants to make his dream of a multi-generation house come true for the whole family, the young woman who planned an entire house for her twin sister and the new family that wants to build the perfect family home for the new baby.

    Persuasive KPIs

    The Interhyp project from BurdaForward Advertising and BCN is a campaign with KPIs that speak for themselves. With a reach of nearly 170,000 visits and 215,000 page impressions, the format exceeded all original aims and expectations. The project represented a major boost in image and trust and increased KPIs for consideration, awareness and conversion.

    Challenging topic full of emotions

    The project shows that it is possible to charge a difficult topic such as bank financing with emotional substance. In spite of the challenging task and a topic that doesn’t seem to present the perfect premise for jaw-dropping narratives, the partners were able to produce an emotional, multimedia production complete with successful KPIs and proven market research results. The colleagues at BurdaForward Advertising and BCN worked with Interhyp to turn this challenge into a successful venture.