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    BCN turns to LiveRamp’s identity solution for marketing

    For years, personalised advertising relied on third-party cookies. The imminent demise of third-party cookies as an identifier for media inventory means that publishers will need to find alternatives quickly to avoid losing significant programmatic advertising revenue. BCN is the first German marketer to find such an alternative, in the shape of its new partnership with data connectivity platform LiveRamp. The Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) from LiveRamp enables known users to be recognised and facilitates a data-controlled approach to the target audience, which significantly increases the value of the inventory.


    BCN is the first marketer in Germany to adapt its marketing strategies and enable programmatic media purchasing on the basis of Live Ramp’s ‘Authenticated Traffic Solution’ (ATS), without the use of third-party cookies. This also allows BCN to offer publishers the opportunity to monetise their media inventory based on profiles in a post-cookie world. Users have control of their data at all times. LiveRamp’s ATS solution makes it possible to combine first-party data from users with LiveRamp’s IdentityLink® in a secure environment, using an authenticated, data protection compliant method. This allows for people-based marketing within cookie-free advertising environments in browsers like Safari and Firefox. 


    “Readers of our BCN publisher mandates are the beating heart of Burda, and they rely on brands as a daily source of information and inspiration. Thanks to the introduction of ATS, not only are our media brands able to continue to offer content-based solutions – which users and advertisers very much appreciate – we can also make previously un-addressable media inventory accessible. As a marketer we expect to benefit too, since our partnership with LiveRamp will allow us to reach consumers more precisely in a cookie-free media inventory environment across the entire digital landscape.”
    Mandy SchwabDirector Digital Media at BCN
    “The expected end to the use of third-party cookies means that publishers will be faced with the enormous challenge of monetising their high-quality media inventory in a way that is data protection compliant and transparent. Thanks to the integration of ATS and our Privacy Manager, BCN is ready to take on this challenge.” We are really excited to start working with BCN, our first marketer in Germany, and are looking forward to expanding our presence further, here and throughout Europe.”
    Vihan SharmaManaging Director of LiveRamp Europe

    About LiveRamp

    LiveRamp is the leading data connectivity platform and is all about the secure and effective use of data. With core expertise in identity resolution applications and a network of partners, LiveRamp allows companies and their partners to better connect, control and activate data to improve customer experience and business results. LiveRamp’s neutral technology infrastructure enables the seamless connection of different systems and provides end-to-end addressability for leading global brand owners, agencies and publishers. LiveRamp is based in San Francisco and is currently expanding to Europe, including into Italy, Spain and Germany. LiveRamp’s other EU locations are in France and the United Kingdom. www.liveramp.com