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    BUNTE quarterly – the new magazine with depth

    BUNTE continues to focus on growth. Last year saw the successful launches of BUNTE REISEN and BUNTE Genuss & Stil, two standalone magazines. And now there will be another launch of new magazine in 2021: BUNTE quarterly. Just like Andy Warhol’s magazine Interview, BUNTE quarterly invites luminaries of all ages to participate in extensive interviews and photo shoots staged by top photographers.

    Published four times a year, the new line extension to BUNTE will focus on in-depth interviews presented in a comprehensive style rarely seen in today’s media landscape. BUNTE editors will release exclusive interviews with famous actors, musicians, novelists, politicians, philosophers, scientists and scholars, experts, or simply people with a remarkable background or an unusual journey in life.

    Each issue will feature ten to 12 interviews. In addition to high-quality, in-depth journalism, the magazine will rely on a lavish layout with strong imagery, continuing BUNTE’s tradition of using emotions to turn products into brands and brands into stars.

    The first issue of BUNTE quarterly will be published on 29 April 2021.

    Further information can be found at BUNTE quarterly.