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    It’s the start of the year and that means one thing for the Who’s Who in the marketing, advertising and media sectors: the German Media Congress in Frankfurt – the communication industry’s summit meeting – and, more specifically, specialist media service HORIZONT’s annual HORIZONT Award that is given out during the event.

    The Covid-19 pandemic meant that the established event had to take place in a digital format this year – and ‘HORIZONT ReStart’ was a massive success. The invitation to HORIZONT ReStart, which was held on 20 January, was accepted by well-known CEOs, CMOs and executives from large and medium-sized companies in a number of different sectors – this time online.

    The event focused on the search for the new future, innovative and new solutions and the ability to steer purchasing decisions. Contributions came from renowned speakers such as Deutsche Bank CMO Tim Alexander, who made an urgent appeal to the media: ‘let’s work together to create products and solutions that are better than the platforms the US has to offer’. Tijen Onaran (CEO of GDW Global Digital Women, entrepreneur and author) argued for how digital education is a critical necessity. And Vice President and CMO of McDonald’s Deutschland Susan Schramm had already told the story of how she overcame major challenges in the past few months in the lead up to the event. Put briefly: ‘communicating with our customers via tailored, digital means has become an important building block in our growth and in our marketing.’

    BCN Managing Director Michael Samak made sure to highlight the importance of established brand media amid the competition with other media types. He added that the past year has shown that trust in journalistic media is higher than ever before, using the portfolio marketed by BCN to give an emphatic demonstration of how brand media companies succeed in creating emotional brand experiences across a variety of channels and even function as complete ecosystems. BCN has a reach of 60.47 million readers and users based on its marketing portfolio thanks to its customised marketing solutions, expertise in providing creative solutions, cooperation with external clients and its full-service approach.

    BCN also presented the following film during the event, which reveals how BCN is making excellent progress on the path to a lively Brand Community Network:

    The well-established ‘German Media Congress’ format will kick off on 1/2 June in 2021 – this time under the name ‘HORIZONT KONGRESS’. The content of the HORIZONT KONGRESS will ‘focus on the key questions of the communications industry’, announced Dr Uwe Vorkötter, who will continue to support the congress following his retirement as Editor-in-Chief of HORIZONT (dfv Mediengruppe). The highlight of the event will be the presentation of the HORIZONT Awards to the Men and Women of the Year. This year, these will once again be awarded in the categories of marketing, media and agencies.