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    BCN takes on the marketing of KLAMBT’s GRAZIA title

    The KLAMBT media group is transferring its marketing of the premium fashion weekly GRAZIA to BCN. The agreement will take effect immediately for every issue with a first day of sale starting from 1 January 2022 onwards and will include every version of GRAZIA printed in German as well as Grazia-magazin.de, including all of the related social media channels and video content, such as GRAZIA Digital Catwalk multimedia.

    Klambt acquired the licensing rights for Grazia in Germany in 2010, when it also launched the German-language version of the iconic Italian magazine Grazia von Mondarori, thereby successfully establishing its own weekly market segment. The decade-long marketing partnership between G+J EMS/Ad Alliance ended following G+J’s investment in GRAZIA.

    What unites us with our strategic partner BCN is our shared aspiration to further develop our successful work and to strengthen GRAZIA as the first point of multimedia contact for the communication of advertisers and their agencies, specifically in the sectors of fashion, beauty and lifestyle.
    Kai RoseManaging Shareholder, KLAMBT Media Group

    As an international premium fashion weekly, GRAZIA offers young women interested in fashion a mix of news about fashion, beauty and people as well as current events. 55,342 copies have been sold thus far (IVW II/2021). GRAZIA is published in 21 countries around the world, including France, the UK, China and Australia.

    We are excited to have the privilege of marketing the GRAZIA brand as part of our cooperation with KLAMBT. Its international focus and reach make it an outstanding addition to our brand portfolio that strengthens our leading position with female target groups.
    Burkhard GraßmannSpokesperson for BCN Management


    At the end of last year, the KLAMBT Media Group tasked Burda Community Network (BCN) with the marketing of its magazine portfolio, as well as digital platforms, as part of a strategic cooperation. This includes wide-reaching, renowned titles, such as FÜR SIE, PETRA, VITAL, FUNKUHR, LEA, JOLIE and OK! as well as ‘OK-magazin.de’. Until recently, the GRAZIA brand was the only one not included in the scope of the cooperation.

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