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    BCN – Successfully bucking the trend

    The Burda print platform is still successfully making history, even in a difficult market. According to Nielsen ratings, three Burda magazines could hold their own among the Top 10 best-selling magazines from January to November.

    With EURO 80.9 million, ‘FOCUS’ ranked just ahead of ‘Spiegel’. ‘BUNTE’ outperformed print media such as ‘Die Zeit’ with EURO 71.6 million. Revenue of the people magazine grew strongly and the magazine held its own as one of the strongest growing magazines on the market (with a plus of EURO 4 million). The revenue-based ranking included two of BurdaStyle’s offerings. ‘freundin’ took 10th place with EURO 51.8 million. ‘FREE MEN’S WORLD’ grew 68 per cent year-on-year, recording its most successful year since first publication. The film magazine ‘Cinema’ also experienced considerable gains, recording an increase of 25.7 per cent.

    “These figures are a good illustration of the strength of the Burda brands and the excellent performance of the publishing and marketing teams. Success like this demonstrates the tremendous influence our magazines have for customers. Print media has an impact on brand communication, and our job is to show this to all customers in a creative and individual way. For this reason the Nielsen ratings are a good incentive for us to become even better next year.”
    Michael SamakBCN CEO