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    BCN relies on smartclip’s video ad tech stack and expertise

    BCN now uses smartclip’s all-encompassing technological approach for its premium video operations. BCN’s extensive premium portfolio – which includes ELLE, freundin, Harper’s Bazaar and BUNTE – will be delivered both via smartclip’s ad server and its programmatic video SSP SmartX. smartclip’s complete ad tech stack is hence used to optimally fuse both sales channels and for the direct and programmatic marketing of instream and outstream formats.


    As a multichannel marketer, BCN is improving the online video offering of its full-service campaign management, which ranges from social media marketing, to digital and print advertising, right through to event marketing.


    “The Burda portfolio is trendsetting, particularly in the lifestyle sector in Germany. In order to offer advertising customers in this segment the best quality service possible, premium marketers like BCN need a technology and monetisation platform that is adapted to local requirements. We are eliminating the silo mentality between media planning and data-driven programmatic advertising and supporting BCN’s full ser-vice approach from A-Z by means of our complete package.”
    Oliver VesperCo-CEO and Managing Director at smartclip

    The purchaser can book the entire video inventory from the BCN portfolio as traditional I/O or programmatic. Traditional bookings benefit from the data-driven approaches and targeting capacities offered by the programmatic platform. This allows individual environment-based marketing to rely on additional information – which gives rise to even more precise media planning.


    “smartclip stood out against other providers thanks to its market-leading video ad server. Alongside the outstanding functionalities of its ad server and video SSP, smartclip offers a highly tailored ser-vice and profound local expertise on the German-speaking market,” says Mandy Schwab, Director Digital Media BCN. “Additional marketing has provided us with the opportunity to create added value for advertisers and agencies while increasing our own revenues.”
    Mandy SchwabDirector Digital Media BCN

    About smartclip

    We at smartclip are playing a crucial role in shaping the future of video and TV advertising. Our technology provides trademark owners with cross-device storytelling and enables publishers to monetarise their content as efficiently and effectively as possible. The best TV stations, publishers and brands – who are prepared to go beyond the limits of traditional advertising by creating innovative premium advertising experiences that drive forward the entire industry – belong to smartclip’s portfolio.

    As a full subsidiary of the RTL Deutschland media group with an innovative network throughout Europe, smartclip is the leading technology specialist for data-based video advertising. We have been a member of the Ad Alliance in Germany since its very beginnings. smartclip is headquartered in Hamburg and also operates offices in Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, Gütersloh, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Milan and Rome.