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    BCN named top marketer

    The difference is quality. BCN (Burda Community Network GmbH) was listed as number one in this year’s Marketer Check for the Areas of Advertising and Sales (W&V). BCN made a particularly strong showing in the top category, which involves the presentation of a customised offer for a test client. It is a fabulous testament to the strength of our team’s consultation skills and the fact that we have consistently received top marks in past years is proof of the enduring quality of our service.

    "Superb example" for communication

    W&V’s marketer check is built on practical tasks designed based on the daily business of marketing. There are multiple components to the assessment, including a survey of the employee structure, an evaluation of market potential based on gross revenue and a review of the information available on the company’s website. The most demanding portion of the check involves the company’s response to a test offer from a client. This year’s challenge featured a request for an advertising campaign to launch a new dating app developed by the company ‘Marry Me’. This request is used to analyse how well the marketer is able to adjust to the needs of the client, and how well the company is able to integrate the digital aspects of the media platforms into the concept. W&V on BCN: “BCN’s test offer is a superb example of how to provide potential clients with custom communication concepts from an in-house portfolio.” 

    BCN leads in other categories

    BCN earned a total of 30.8 points, an excellent mark compared both with other publishers and with previously published scores for marketers specialised in other media categories, such as TV, radio and outdoor advertisements.

    “We have the amazing performance of our team to thank for our top place in the W&V ranking. That’s truly something to be proud of. Now our goal is to defend our first-place victory though creativity, expertise, our network and our service, and to expand on those qualities.”
    Burkhard GraßmannBCN CEO