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    BCN launches new website with topic preview tool

    CEO Burkhard Graßmann describes the new BCN website, which just went live, as a ‘one-stop service point’. The new website is more than just a digital business card for the multichannel marketer. Customers can use the cross-media platform topic preview tool to better plan their brand communication in Burda media.

    Mr Graßmann, BCN is showing off its new digital appearance. What is so special about the new website?

    “The new website is a one-stop service point. And through it, we consolidate our expertise as a multichannel marketer and consultant. Our market partners want to find information quickly and clearly and plan more individually. They also want advice that is tailored to their needs. We can provide them all this in one spot. Customers will get an overview of our cross-media portfolio in the first step, separated by channel: print, digital, event and television. In addition, we present the different brand worlds with their facts and figures. The topic preview tool makes up the heart of our new website. In part it can be accessed by website users, as well, and it offers customers the opportunity to find the right topics for their own brand communication in the Burda media, enabling them to directly contact the specific BCN contact person.”

    What did you click first?

    “The topic preview tool!”

    What sort of added value does it offer customers?

    “Studies have shown – even those in neuroscience – that advertising works better when placed in thematically appropriate environments, something that brand managers can appreciate. We have designed the topic prreview tool to specifically meet the needs of our customers so they can plan more easily and address topics more specifically in one-on-one talks. Media agencies and advertisers can use it free of charge across all media and all platforms. They can even preselect the industry or channel (print, digital, event, television) if they want. With these results, they can additionally perform either a keyword search or filter by brand or timeframe. The topic preview tool is available for all Burda brands in Germany and is accessible at any time and from anywhere – because it’s web-based! It can also be used to directly contact our Sales team for more personalised consulting, even if several platforms have been selected.”