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    b4t brands advertising effectiveness study – now with social media channels, an innovative dashboard and monthly reporting

    In addition to media usage and the performance of more than 200 brands, the best for tracking brands (b4t brands) advertising effectiveness study now also measures social media channels’ contributions to advertising effectiveness. Other new additions include the dashboard, which is equipped with tons of visualisation options, as well as monthly reporting on collected data.


    Three in one go: the Gesellschaft für integrierte Kommunikationsforschung (Society for Integrated Communication Research, or GIK) is expanding its best for tracking brands (b4t brands) cross-media advertising effectiveness study to include social media channels, thereby making Facebook, YouTube and Instagram’s contributions to advertising effectiveness comparable with that of other media channels. This makes GIK’s brand tracking study one of the first to cover all major media genres – in addition to magazines, these include regional and national subscription newspapers, daily newspapers, mobile, desktop, TV, audio, out-of-home (OOH) and now also social media.


    b4t brands: more than 14 million data points a month

    In addition to these ten media genres, b4t brands continuously measures the brand KPIs of more than 200 brands, such as advertising awareness, brand sympathy and willingness to buy or recommend, and quantifies them in relation to people’s media usage. Advertisers can therefore analyse the performance of their brands in the different media channels over the long and short term. That being said, b4t brands is the only large-scale study that works on the basis of real advertising contacts and is not exclusively based on reported advertising spending. b4t brands methodologically and continuously combines survey-based data with data from technical (online) measurements and Nielsen advertising statistics. In total, there are over 14 million data points a month (1,200 respondents * 200 brands * 6 KPIs * 10 Media channels + x campaign contacts).


    Innovative and convenient: the ‘Brand Intelligence by b4t brands’ dashboard

    As a further milestone, with ‘Brand Intelligence by b4t brands’, GIK is launching a high-performance, modern dashboard that offers an even more improved user experience. The new dashboard quickly and easily offers licensees from agencies and advertising companies a wide range of analysis and visualisation options. This means that it’s possible to do things such as individually define benchmarks, for example, the considered KPIs or the target group, among others. Last but not least, b4t brands’ data is no longer reported quarterly, but rather monthly.


    Well-founded advertising effectiveness research requires complex and comprehensive analyses. With the integration of social media in best for tracking brands, we offer advertisers a true added value that they can leverage to analyse the performance of their advertising spending – and now on a monthly basis at that. In turn, our ‘Brand Intelligence by b4t brands’ dashboard makes it a breeze for our licensees to access b4t brands’ trove of data.
    Julia ScheelManaging Director Media Market Insights at Hubert Burda Media

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