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    Addressable Gate TV: Start addressing air travellers!

    The insecurity and restrictions imposed by the pandemic are easing, which is reflected in people’s growing desire to start travelling again. Germany is still the most important holiday destination for German citizens, but travellers will be drawn overseas once again in 2022. There is light at the end of the tunnel: more than half of German citizens are planning go on one or more holidays abroad lasting at least five days this year. According to the Foundation for Future Studies’ ‘Tourismusanalyse 2022’ (Tourism analysis 2022), 57 per cent have firm intentions to travel – last year, this figure was 45 per cent. The latest travel analysis by the ‘Forschungsgemeinschaft Urlaub und Reisen’ (Research Association for Holiday and Travel) shows an even greater enthusiasm for holidays: according to this, 61 per cent are keen to travel this year. People have no problem with opening their wallets to do so: the European Travel Commissions reports that 25 per cent of Europeans are happy to spend more than €2,000 on a holiday compared to just 19.1 per cent in the previous year.

    Targeted and scatter-free addressing

    With Addressable Gate TV, CITTADINO is revolutionising die advertising control of digital out of home at the airport. A forecasting tool for passenger numbers enables you to address advertising-relevant target groups at airports in a targeted manner without wastage.

    Our airport touchpoints are located in departures, arrivals and the public areas of ten airports and achieve around 134 million contacts per month when there is a regular service. The screens placed in waiting areas and corridors offer high-quality advertising platforms and provide mobile target groups with purchasing power and an average dwell time of 30–45 minutes. There is a particularly large number of decision-makers among the passengers.


    Addressable Gate TV is available via the CITTADINO screens at our airport locations. Currently, these are Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, Hanover, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Dresden, Münster/Osnabrück, Dortmund and Cologne/Bonn. It is a programmatic digital-out-of-home offering that enables companies to provide real-time, targeted advertising to travellers based flight schedule data for the first time – delivering the right advertising message to the right audience at the right time in the right place.

    *Source: www.welt.de, Public & Private Screen Study 2019/2020 by DMI; monthly WMK


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