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    Moving ahead towards the future. With a watchful eye on the new challenges facing mobility. ADAC MOTORWELT is committed to this vision. In the latest spring issue available as of today for all club members, ADAC presents for the first time a holistic look at the development of mobility in Germany – in a special section of over 10 pages. The ADAC Mobility Index is the very first science-based evaluation method that comprehensively describes how road safety, affordability, reliability and availability of means of transport, and the impact of our mobility on the climate and the environment, change every year. It gives us an overall understanding of sustainability, taking ecological, economic and social aspects into account.

    Mobility in transition

    Mobility has always been in transition. This is why we tend to look back fondly at the good old days. Munich natives Michaela May and Elmar Wepper are no exception. In the trusty double interview format, the two popular German actors let readers in on the details of their childhood and adolescence and talk about how they took the tram to school, raced around the Alps and travelled through the Sahara on a VW bus.

    Changing demands on mobility and travel have to do with the way leading figures are changing, too. According to Statista, around 12 million Germans have a dog in their household. It therefore comes as no surprise that the visibility of this target group in social media is also on the rise. The latest issue of Motorwelt took this as an opportunity to ask the best-known dogfluencers on Instagram about their favourite vacation spots and getaways with their four-legged friends. Travel destinations offering that “bow wow” factor.

    Also in this issue: Twelve wallboxes and 34 of the latest summer tyre models are put to the test. A look behind the scenes at the Hockenheimring and much more.

    Three years after upgrading its content and design, ADAC MOTORWELT continues to impress readers with a mix of useful content and high-quality entertainment journalism. The membership magazine, which is now issued four times a year and is published and distributed by BCN acting in its capacity as ADAC’s main contractor, was actively picked up by a total of 7.22 million ADAC members at the new distribution points in 2021. This is an increase of 37 per cent compared to the previous year.

    The next issue of ADAC MOTORWELT will be published on 2 June March 2022. The deadline for advertisements is already set for 28 March 2022.

    You can find more information in the brand section at: ADAC MOTORWELT at BCN The Brand Community Network (brand-community-network.de)

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