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  • ADAC & Burda: Strategic partnership for new “ADAC Motorwelt” magazine

    picture f.l.t.r.: Ulrich Klaus Becker, vice president, ADAC; Lars Soutschka, ADAC managing director; Dr. August Markl, president, ADAC; Burkhard Graßmann, spokesperson for the BCN management board; Michael Samak, CEO BCN; Martin Kunz, Editor in Chief ADAC Motorwelt | ©  HBM

    The General German Automobile Club (ADAC) is revamping its members’ magazine, “ADAC Motorwelt”, and has entered into a strategic collaboration with Hubert Burda Media to make this happen. Burda subsidiary BCN will be acting as general contractor from the first quarter of 2020 and will be responsible both for the production, manufacturing and printing and for the editing, marketing and distribution of Europe’s biggest magazine. ADAC will retain the role of publisher and will continue to determine the magazine’s content via editor-in-chief Martin Kunz.

    “By joining forces with Hubert Burda Media, we are perfectly positioned to make the new ‘ADAC Motorwelt’ a success, both with our members and our advertising customers. We look forward to working with such an experienced and prestigious media company and feel certain that this will be the start of a positive, successful partnership.”
    Dr. August Markl ADAC president
    “ADAC is placing ‘ADAC Motorwelt’, Europe’s biggest magazine, in our hands. On behalf of Burda as a whole, I would like to thank them for their trust. BCN’s concept for the new magazine convinced ADAC that we were the right choice for the job, incorporating many of Burda’s core skills and its extraordinary customer proximity.”
    Burkhard Graßmann spokesperson for the BCN management board

    By deciding to work with Hubert Burda Media, ADAC has taken the next step towards integrating and future-proofing its various communication channels even further and connecting them with one another. The printed “ADAC Motorwelt” magazine will remain a key form of communication with ADAC members. From 2020, the magazine will be published quarterly, favouring more in-depth reporting with a commitment to higher quality, a more upmarket look and a wider range of subject matter. The new “ADAC Motorwelt” will also come with various supplements, most featuring regional and local content and offers.

    “In the future, our new ‘ADAC Motorwelt’ will appeal to readers through its substantial content, in-depth reporting and sheer reading pleasure. We are also investing significantly in expanding our digital communication channels, which will also be overhauled at the start of next year and will offer immediate value, highly personalised services and the latest mobility news. This will ensure that ADAC’s online and offline worlds complement each other perfectly. Our media presence is entering a new phase.”
    Lars Soutschka Managing Director, ADAC

    From next year, the new “ADAC Motorwelt” will be distributed throughout Germany at 178 ADAC branches and service centres, ADAC road safety centres and via the stationary retail trade in Edeka and Netto stores. This network will allow all ADAC members to pick up the latest issue of the members’ magazine whenever they go shopping simply by presenting their membership card.