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    It’s not a new insight, yet no one sums it up quite like Friedrich Liechtenstein, the highly entertaining performance artist and advertising icon with razor-sharp wit: Marketers and media planners have traditionally shown little interest in the 50 plus target group, which is now gaining importance after having been on the sidelines for a long time, and wrongly so. Or, as Liechtenstein says:

    Old news is good news! This claim is just like saying that the best target group for advertising is between 14 and 49. What nonsense! None of them have any money!
    Friedrich Liechtenstein

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    Huge growth market

    Even so, the over-50s have now found their place as an advertising target group, as demonstrated by more or less flattering terms such as ‘Best Ager’, ‘Golden Ager’, ‘Silver Surfer’ or ‘Master Consumer’. 

    In purely demographic terms, one thing is clear: People aged 50 and over are a growing segment of the population. They are the baby boomers, and there are a lot of them. These baby boomers from the 1950s and 60s make up 47 per cent of the total population today. On the other hand, the target group of 14 to 49-year-olds, which has traditionally been the focus of advertising, is shrinking. Not only that, but as people get older, their wealth increases – and their purchasing power along with it.* 

    of the total population are over 50 years old
    nearly one in two
    wants to have fun and be able to purchase whatever she likes
    more than one in four
    likes to purchase expensive items for themselves

    Promising target group with great potential

    The hallmark of this generation is also that it loves life and enjoys it to the fullest, which is also reflected in the best for planning data. Nearly one in two people over the age of 50 would agree with the statement: “The point of life for me is to have fun and to be able to afford whatever I like". Savings and reserves for wealth creation play a lesser role for this target group, as over 40% confirmed. More than one in four people in this target group likes to buy expensive things. 

    At the same time, Best Agers are a far less homogeneous group than one might assume at first glance. On the contrary: They are incredibly multifaceted. In addition to the well-known quality-conscious established and discerning connoisseurs, there are also sub-groups, such as comfort-driven individualists with above-average standards in service quality and a high affinity for technology and brands, or more price-conscious homebodies who focus quite a bit more on the durability and functionality of products than on design and brands. 

    It is therefore impossible to lump Best Agers together or represent them as a uniform target group. With their varied lifestyles and priorities, it would be more appropriate to approach them in different ways. The more authentically they are spoken to, the greater the chances of benefiting from their purchasing power. One thing is certain: Best Agers represent a huge growth market with great potential – if you understand how to serve it properly. Or as Liechtenstein puts it:

    We like to buy, and we buy a lot. And we find it troubling. So just talk to us!
    Friedrich Liechtenstein