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    In-Game Advertising
    Next level advertising: BCN places Telekom in popular games
    75% of the surveyed
    evaluate the campaign (very) positively
    advertising recall

    MagentaMobil Young is Telekom’s special tariff for everyone under the age of 28. This young target group is digitally native and gaming-savvy, meaning having ultra-fast high-speed Internet is vital to them. However, because they spend significantly less time in traditional, linear media, they are difficult for advertisers to reach. For these reasons, in-game advertising was identified together with the media agency Mindshare as a particularly promising advertising channel for the campaign.

    You’re only in if you’re in-game

    Together with technology company Anzu from our partner network, BCN offers programmatically bookable in-game advertising solutions that are unparalleled on the German market. Realistic-looking in-game advertising formats selected specifically for the target group are displayed across different game developers, devices and genres. The advertisements are embedded directly in console, PC and mobile video games, as well as in e-sports tournaments and live streams. Banners and video formats in standard sizes can be used dynamically. In addition to highly effective placement, Anzu also impresses with how it collects and evaluates all the related data and also offers real-time analyses to help optimise the campaign, for instance. Thanks to the world’s first 3D tracking engine, only visible ad views are paid for. This makes Anzu the world’s most advanced in-game advertising solution – and an important part of our team.


    © Anzu

    Advertising that works instead of gets in the way

    High-quality banners with short, concise messages in keeping with the tone of the target group were created for the MagentaMobil Young campaign. These were placed in eye-catching points in various computer games, but without being perceived as an interruption by the gamers. One example of this is Ubisoft’s Trackmania, which saw advertising banners in Telekom’s instantly recognisable shade of magenta make up part of the realistic racing backdrop and gave the action an extra layer of authenticity. In other selected premium games, such as Slapshot, the relevant messages were also presented to the target group in an eye-catching but not intrusive manner.

    The next level – and then some!

    The campaign ran from 1 February until 9 March 2022. A brand lift study conducted in parallel confirmed the success of the in-game measures: Telekom’s advertising awareness doubled during the time that the campaign was running and just under 75 per cent of respondents rated it as ‘positive’ or ‘very positive’.


    The campaign also impressed in other categories:

  • 44% advertising recall
  • 19% uplift in brand impressions
  • 40% increase in the area of brand consideration
  • Anzu made it easier for us to enter the world of video games and helped us to reach and surprise our target group. The campaign enabled our brand to become part of the game, enhanced the gaming experience and put us at the centre of the action.
    Julian BretzDigital Media Telekom
    Gen Z get interrupted by advertising very quickly. That’s why it’s not only crucial how you address them, but also where you place the advertisement. The campaign for MagentaMobil Young not only allowed us to reach this young target group, but also become part of their digital lives for a moment.
    Mandy SchwabDirector Digital Media BCN
    © Anzu
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