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    Brand Awareness
    Sustainable and all the rage – BCN and BICO present the humble bicycle as a lifestyle object

    Our mobility world is changing – and today’s focus on saving energy and protecting the climate is seeing bikes grow in popularity as a means of transport. That’s not just because they have long been an inherent part of shaping people’s lifestyles the way they want, either. BCN developed a multi-target digital campaign together with the BIKE&CO dealer network to inspire cycling fans and provide them with information when purchasing a new bike. Between August and December, BCN used four influencers, storytelling videos, advertorials, native articles and other social media elements to present the bike as a lifestyle object during the wide-reaching campaign. The partly interactive advertising formats inspired people to make a purchase and awakened their desire for the ‘adventure bike’.

    Specialist advice for a broad target group

    The BIKE&CO bicycle portfolio was presented in a compact and transparent way on the newly created Bikes.de platform with all information needed to make a purchasing decision. The website provided a broad target group with specialist advice pertaining to purchasing bikes and served as the ideal source of inspiration for them. Clicking on a bike enabled potential customers to reserve that product and make direct contact with the dealer.

    High-reach brands such as FREUNDIN, FOCUS, FIT FOR FUN, BUNTE and CHIP published native articles online that were tailored to a broad target group and offered helpful tips and information when choosing the perfect bike, no matter whether they were looking for a professional mountain bike, an e-bike or something for cycling around the city. The campaign paid particular attention to emotional awareness and paired bike brands (Winora, Ghost, Haibike and Greens) with easily identifiable role models.

    © BIKE&CO
    © BIKE&CO
    © BIKE&CO
    © BIKE&CO
    With Bikes.de, we have created a central place for anyone looking to purchase a bike or an e-bike but who doesn’t want to miss out on the specialist advice and services that a local dealer can provide. End customers receive the advice they need based on their personal level of knowledge either on the platform or onsite to help them choose the right (e-)bike. Our affiliated retailers gain access to new customer groups and expand their digital retail space. Digital becomes regional!
    Georg WagnerBICO Zweirad Marketing GmbH

    Reinterpreting mobility – a topic that is getting people interested

    Topics related to the mobility of the future have entered mainstream society and readers are interested in them. For example, the four native articles that ran during the campaign generated an average viewing time of almost one minute. On FREUNDIN.de, the average viewing time was even longer, clocking in at six minutes. The posts and stories put up by the influencers generated a total of 364,000 impressions and got a great response. The engagement-reach rate of the Instagram posts was above average at 17.3 per cent.

    It was great fun creating awareness for BICO’s brands and bikes, to lead consumers into a purchase process through different touchpoints and to support the local dealers. Issues such as efficient mobility are something our society has to contend with at the moment despite the high energy costs, as well as the aspects of sustainability and climate protection. This campaign reflects the fact that BCN offers optimal communication solutions to tackle this.
    Adrian PeippHead of Client Services Retail

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