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  • 28.03.2022
    Brand Trust
    #MeinBlond. #MeinBrünett. (#MyBlonde. #MyBrunette.) – This is how John Frieda brings color into the life of the community.
    24.6 m
    ad impressions
    1.73 m
    social media reach
    > 245,000
    personal contacts (wom)

    Whether you have blonde hair or brown hair, every type of hair has its own individual colour nuance. And John Frieda brings this nuance to the fore perfectly with its unique go blonder and midnight brunette hair care ranges. To raise awareness of the two products among its discerning target audience, BCN developed a multi-level, cross-media campaign with the tag line Mein Blond. Mein Brünett. Meine Wahl. (‘My blonde. My brunette. My choice.’) Perfectly orchestrated across a wide range of channels, the message first found its way into the target audience’s newsfeeds, before making its way into their hearts. The community shared their experiences with the John Frieda products using the hashtags #MeinBlond (#MyBlonde) and #MeinBrünett (#MyBrunette) and swapped stories and tips with one another.

    Top campaign results!

    The campaign started at the end of July with the call for product testers, peaked at the end of August and ran until mid-September. The reach was impressive from the very start: the campaign achieved a total of over 24.6 million ad impressions, almost 4.4 million of which came through the product tests. The influencers weren’t the only ones who were enthusiastic about go blonder and midnight brunette – their followers were, too: for instance, the average view rate for the Instagram stories was 14.8 per cent (benchmark: 10 per cent).


    No chance of a bad hair day – 1999 volunteers put John Frieda’s products to the test

    The campaign hit the ground running with a social challenges presented by bunte.de. 6,000 applicants were whittled down to just 1999 consumer- and micro-influencers, who were then given the opportunity to test John Frieda’s products and share their experiences on social media. This resulted in an average of three high-quality, authentic content pieces per participant. All of the posts were published on brandsyoulove.de, which included 1,200 social media posts, more than 1,300 test reports and over 800 reviews on rating platforms. The consumer- and micro-influencers had a total reach on social media of 1.73 million, while a further 245,477 personal contacts were reached through word of mouth.


    Two major influencers provide the decisive boost

    Two macro-influencers (and TV personalities), Angelina Kirsch (blonde) and Chrissa Kavazi (brunette), were positioned as THE faces of the campaign. They achieved a total of over 919,000 impressions through four posts and eight stories. The pair were also featured in Hubert Burda Media’s strong brands, for instance in native articles on BUNTE.DE. In addition, they appeared in social media formats that were appropriate for the campaign. Angelina went live on Instagram together with an INSTYLE editor, where they took a closer look at the benefits the product range has to offer. They amassed over 4,300 views, with the organic story announcing the live session even achieving more than 5,000 views. Chrissa’s endeavours included being a guest on the BUNTE VIP GLOSS Beauty Podcast, which attracted 8,500 listeners. Precisely targeted online displays placed on the BCN women’s channel drew the target audience’s interest to the campaign. The social cards achieved over four million impressions. Social ads such as Facebook carousel ads and influencer ads generated a further 10.5 million impressions. Addressable TV ads also gave awareness for the products a substantial boost.

    The influencer partnership for John Frieda has once again shown how well this advertising format works in combination with our strong media brands. Using entertaining storytelling elements and having strong faces front the campaign meant we could authentically establish John Frieda’s colour line as THE brand for blonde and brunette hair colours. The combination of the authenticity of the influencers and the strong focus on testing the product shows just how impactful word of mouth can be in terms of advertising. After all, the products won over a large community of people.
    Tim van ElstDigital Sales, BCN

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