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    Cross-media gamification
    Game on! How WGV Versicherung generates enthusiasm among a young, digital target group when it comes to insurance.

    Insurance is something that is essential to have, especially for young people. They may need a policy for the first time (third-party liability insurance, for example), or their circumstances in life have changed and additional insurance is needed (such as a life insurance policy). For this reason, it is an attractive target group for insurance companies. However, this group is hard to reach, and even harder to generate any enthusiasm in it. WGV Versicherung wanted to take a new approach to position itself as the first port of call for people aged 35 and younger. The solution: MONEY INTERACTIVE, the gamification tool from FOCUS MONEY.

    The right story for every possible occurrence.

    The FOCUS MONEY editors created the MONEY INTERACTIVE tool and developed special advertising formats with humorous gamification elements for WGV. In the end, WGV received a digital campaign with a multimedia storytelling component that was precisely tailored to the issues that would potentially interest the target group. They could choose their own avatar in the different games, set the course of events themselves and immerse themselves in a story related to insurance-relevant topics that was personally created for them, depending on their choices. For example, the advantages of private third-party liability insurance were made tangible in a tongue-in-cheek manner over the course of several episodes, whether they were involved in a bicycle accident and someone got injured, there was water damage at the neighbour’s home or the proverbial postal carrier who was bitten by the dog. Each level addressed a specific advantage of the type of insurance on the basis of a concrete case. It presented users with an exciting virtual ‘sandbox’ in which they could play-act various scenarios and receive support in taking their decisions (‘Do I actually need this policy?’).


    FOCUS MONEY and kleingeldhelden.com: The perfect partners for WGV.

    The editorial team at FOCUS MONEY cooperated with experts in the field of finance and insurance and took care of developing the game’s content. They prepared topics related to insurance – some that can be quite complex – in such an entertaining and informative way and integrated them perfectly into the game. The game itself was published on kleingeldhelden.com, a nascent portal dealing with financial topics and having a reach of 550,000 unique users.

    In the end, everyone is happy. Including everyone at WGV.

    FOCUS MONEY and kleingeldhelden.com advertised the game on Instagram Stories. In addition, there were teasers posted on LinkedIn. Many of those who had played the game had reached their goal at the end of the campaign. But they were not the only ones, WGV did, as well: It was able to attract a young, digital target group (more than 60% of the users were younger than 35 years) to its offers. The extremely low bounce rate (less than two percent) and the long viewing time (over five minutes on average) made it clear how well-received the format was. Most users played the format through to its conclusion. This gave them all the information they needed to make the right choice when picking an insurance policy.


    We have been working successfully with FOCUS MONEY for many years. So we were very happy to use this new and interactive format to draw the attention of younger target groups in particular to private third-party liability insurance in a playful way. After all, this insurance is one of the most important types of insurance. We are very satisfied with the results.
    Mathias HübnerMarketing Coordinator, WGV Versicherung
    FOCUS MONEY has launched the new advertising format “Money Interactive”, which is a journalism service for advertisers that tells an interactive and tailor-made story. Custom-cut to the wishes of the respective advertiser. Together with our long-standing customer, WGV Versicherung, we were able to realise the first successful implementation.
    Manuela LöfflerSenior Client Services Manager Finance & Services

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