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    Digital only
    Digital commercial content from b.famous and BCN turns users into ‘Alpronistas’.

    The tailor-made communication solution focussed on breakfast as an integral part of everyday life, thereby anchoring it in the relevant set of the target audience. The creative, wide-reaching campaign had two cornerstones: journalistic storytelling and topic-specific expertise.

    A good breakfast – always a good idea.

    Get your day off to a good start with Alpro. An inspiring and informative native video series on BUNTE.de impressively showed the audience how to quickly and simply integrate Alpro products into their everyday morning routines – and how to impress different types of morning people in the process.

    The videos were accompanied by on-site native articles on the top topics of fitness, health and nutrition. Influencers Lindarella and Kate hall were front and centre, using humour and charm to speak the users’ language.

    Brand-specific episodes were posted online on DasKochrezept.de and Foodboom.de, where native specials presented users with creative recipes using Alpro products – tailored perfectly to suit their lifestyle. Consistent networking with Burda Food brands ensured additional engagement and extra reach.

    By focussing on relevant, authentic content, we have succeeded in generating interest in Alpro among users who had previously never considered trying a plant-based alternative to classic dairy products.
    Léonie HönischDigital Brand Manager Alpro GmbH

    A campaign that whet the appetite.

    The campaign turned many users into real Alpronistas. Within the three-month campaign period, the measures reached over 27 million gross contacts, of which 2.2 million were cross-brand on Facebook (with 1.2 million video views from a total of eight videos). The article dwell time was above average; on BUNTE.de, for example, the average read time was 2:07 minutes – 50 percent above the average.

    The findings were clear: the more interesting the messages are, the longer and more intensively the target audience will concentrate on them.

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