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    Brand Awareness
    A smooth transition to a new brand identity: how Weight Watchers is changing to WW

    The world-renowned company Weight Watchers is changing its name to WW. But not only is the name changing, the direction of the company is, as well. The diet product specialist is becoming a brand that will stand for health and wellness even more in future: WW is aiming to become the number one wellness brand while also assuming social responsibility as it does so. One way it intends to do this is by engaging in the field of public health.

    The way to an authentic identity is through content

    The WW brand wants to communicate with its target audience as equals even more in future. To this end, they’re no longer booking conventional advertisements; instead, they’re consistently producing high-quality content. BCN has been a guide in this process since the very beginning. Due to WW’s new positioning as a health brand, BCN ran a market screening after which they recommended a cooperation with my life, Germany’s new pharmacy magazine. The magazine is produced by a specialist editorial team and is distributed exclusively in pharmacies. Every month, a total of over 2.3 million copies are available for free in nearly 9,500 pharmacies. BCN developed an eye-catching ad special for my life: an editorial supplement in which everything revolves around health topics, such as food, exercise, mindset and sleep. This is an exclusive: WW is the first company to appear in my lifewith its own supplement.

    Attention-grabbing journalistic quality – month after month

    The target audience will be surprised and impressed by relevant, diverse content for an entire year – twelve issues of a sophisticated ad special with over 14.06 million copies. The ad special fits perfectly into a modern health magazine that combines emotional, enjoyable material with valuable, medical content from specialized journalists.

    The cooperation with the pharmacy ‘Future Pact’ reflects our ambition as a market leader to be present in the place where people are more aware and concerned about their health and wellness than anywhere else.
    Stefan RymeGeneral Manager of WW Germany
    WW and my life are natural partners who share the same goal: making Germany healthier. Balanced, enjoyable nutrition, exercise, awareness and a balanced life are my life health magazine’s core areas of expertise. I’m very much looking forward to this long-term partnership.
    Kay LabinskyCPO at BurdaVerlag

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