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    vital.de is a specialist for female health topics. vital offers tips on health, sustainability, well-being and healthy nutrition that fit the active lifestyle of the vital.de users.

    The vital.de reader is a family manager who makes sure that she and her loved ones are doing well. The core target group are women from 20 - 49 years.

    vital pursues a holistic approach with regard to physical and psychological aspects: to achieve inner balance and defy everyday life with the right balance.

    vital stands for body positivity, feelgood management and is an encouragement in all situations in life. vital stands for daily fitness and sportive balance in everyday life - for everyone: no extreme sports, no competitive sports.


    Find your point of contact
    Find your point of contact

    Main target audience


    57,0 % 20-49 years


    72,0 % Women

    Net Income

    72,0 % > 2.000 EUR

    AGOF ddf 16+ Q4/20

    Key data

    Portalname Vital.de
    Unique Users 443,6001
    Visits 747,5002
    Facebook Fans 42,7003
    Instagram 5413
    Pinterest 44,2003
    1 AGOF ddf 16+ Q4/20
    2 IVW Q4/20
    3 February 2021, publisher's statement