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  • TVSPIELFILM on Facebook

    On Facebook, TVSPIELFILMPLUS is in direct contact with more than 300,000 fans and informs them about movies, TV shows and current topics from the TV world.

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    Find your point of contact
    Find your point of contact

    Key data

    Portalname TVSPIELFILM Facebook
    Facebook Fans 327,5491
    1 January 2023, publisher's statement

    Good reasons for TVSPIELFILMPLUS on Facebook

  • Perfect platform for interactive actions with our followers
  • Linking to the client's Facebook page for even more reach
  • Placement of sponsored video posts on Facebook
  • TV SPIELFILM Facebook
  • Advertising on the TVSPIELFILM Facebook channel

    The TVSPIELFILM Facebook channel is no traditional advertising platform. Selected advertisers can reach their target audience through a credible medium by placing a targeted advertisement in the form of a sponsored post in collaboration with TVSPIELFILM.

    In addition to picture posts TVSPIELFILM likes to publish sponsored video posts on Facebook that match with the brand. These video posts are suited for clients with movie or series trailer. Generally all topics who are related to TV or streaming content fit with the target audience.

    By tagging the Facebook profile of the client using the Handshake Tool, the client is tagged as a sponsor in the post, and can therefore benefit from the number of viewers the advertisement reaches.