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  • TRIBUTE TO BAMBI - because commitment always pays off.

    The idea for the TRIBUTE TO BAMBI was hatched in 2001. It aimed to take advantage of the media coverage surrounding the BAMBI media awards to help children in need.

    The TRIBUTE TO BAMBI Foundation sponsors aid projects for children and youth throughout Germany, and strives to draw attention to important topics that are generally ignored in society.



    Find your point of contact
    Find your point of contact

    Millions for children’s projects. A million contacts for sponsors.

    As a media-rich charity event, TRIBUTE TO BAMBI offers attractive opportunities for sponsors and cooperation partners. On the evening of the charity event, the invited guests experience the charity partners in the context of an exclusive event dramaturgy with creative staging opportunities.

    In addition to the select guests of the charity event, TRIBUTE TO BAMBI reaches a huge audience via all the major media channels: in 2017, 315 million contacts were made via print, digital, social media, TV and radio.

    This is an attractive environment for companies that want to get involved in a good cause in front of a select audience.