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    SUPERILLU.DE is the website for the largest newsstand magazine in the eastern part of Germany and identifies as the ‘your home on the Internet’. SUPERILLU.DE uses strong imagery and content that help maintain its proximity to its users. SUPERILLU.DE has four main channels: ‘country’, ‘life’, ‘people’ and ‘love’. Each channel provides inspiration, leisure activities and exclusive interviews.

    SUPERillu Online key visual


    Find your point of contact
    Find your point of contact

    Main target audience


    47,0 % 35 - 59 years


    53,0 % Women

    Net Income

    58,0 % > 2,500 EUR


    20,0 % University degree (daily digital facts)

    AGOF ddf 05/19

    Key data

    Portalname SUPERILLU.DE
    Unique Users 120,0001
    Page Impressions 278,8002
    Visits 195,5553
    Newsletter subscribers (stand alone) 12,8594
    Facebook Fans 25,5604
    Instagram 2,5744
    1 AGOF ddf 08/22
    2 IVW 10/22
    3 IVW 10/22
    4 September 2022, publisher's statement

    Why choose SUPERILLU.DE?

  • SUPERILLU.DE is the online presence of the biggest newsstand magazine in the eastern part of Germany.
  • SUPERILLU.DE is a critical component of a media plan for all of Germany.
  • SUPERillu Online
  • Online advertising on SUPERILLU.DE

    • SUPERILLU.DE provides various channels for its users in the eastern part of Germany.
    • SUPERILLU.DE offers its users the channels ‘Country’, ‘Life’, ‘People’ and ‘Love’, as well as inspiration, leisure activities, stories about their home region and exclusive interviews.
    • SUPERILLU.DE is a strong online brand and provides a modern design and has been optimised for mobile use.