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  • SCREENS IN MOTION 2022: The comprehensive study of video content

    Who watches what, when and how? For the fifth time the big moving image study SCREENS IN MOTION takes a close look at consumers' viewing habits. It makes possible for the first time to analyze developments over a longer period of time in order to estimate consistent trends and their significance.

    The results can be presented in detail by age groups as a valuable target group insights for your campaign planning.


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    Find your point of contact

    Marion Sperlich

    Head of Client Research

    Grosse Elbstrasse 59-63


    Study content of the current survey

  • The broadest user group classic TV falls slightly to currently 83% (up to 29-year-olds 69%). Non-linear video use (streaming subscription, media libraries or pay TV) reaches the same level of 83% of respondents.
  • The share of streaming subscription users rises to 58% (up to 29-year-olds 73%). In contrast, the using of pay TV is declining (24%) monthly and video via social media reaches 34%.
  • Two-thirds use a smart TV and 71% of all TV sets are connected to the Internet.
  • New: On linear TV, people prefer to watch news (71%), followed by movies (61%). On Netflix and Co. series (75%) are closely followed by movies (79%). Only on private media libraries series are the most popular genre.
  • 66% use at least one pay TV or streaming service. 21% are planning another video subscription. The costs amount to 20 euros (up 2 euros on the previous year). A maximum of 25 euros is conceivable.
  • 33% feel mainly disturbed by commercial advertising on private TV, 18% on public TV programs and 28% both.
  • The cross-media offerings of TV magazines continue to be the No.1 source of orientation in the moving image jungle when it comes to searching for information.
  • Our Offer

    Make an appointment now for an online presentation where we can present the results of the study in detail adjusted to your needs. We look forward to a joint exchange from media professional to media professional.

    Method profile

    Method: Online survey
    Period: 07. March - 14. March 2022
    Population: 14+, online representative, quota according to age, gender and region
    Number of samples: n = 1.968
    Institute: GfK Nürnberg