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    PETRA.DE is the fashion and lifestyle magazine for the beautiful sides of life. It deals with beauty and fashion trends as well as styling advice, tips for the job and moving lifestyle and zeitgeist topics.

    The core target group is women up to 49 years of age. PETRA users are young, courageous and self-confident, setting the tone and sassy. Trends and consulting topics are presented at eye level and thus address a target group that knows what is important in life and therefore is able to enjoy the beautiful sides of life.


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    Find your point of contact

    Main target audience


    58,0 % 25-54 years


    67,0 % Women

    Google Analytics März 2022

    Key data

    Portalname PETRA.DE
    Unique Users 5.83 m1
    Visits 17.24 m2
    Facebook Fans 31,2473
    Instagram 4,3383
    Pinterest 12,1373
    1 google analytics 07/22
    2 google analytics 07/22
    3 July 2023, publisher's statement