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  • NEBENAN.DE - hyperlocal marketing in the neighborhood ecosystem

    With 1.9 million users, NEBENAN.DE is Germany's largest neighborhood platform. As a social enterprise, it connects real neighbors in private networks to promote social engagement and to strengthen social cohesion in a trusting environment.

    The address verification of our neighbors enables true hyperlocal marketing down to street level and maximum native embedding of advertising content in a wide variety of marketing channels.

    Whether national, regional, or hyperlocal - benefit from an exclusive selection of formats with high credibility that address a high-quality target group with a strong socio-ecological orientation.


    Find your point of contact
    Find your point of contact

    This is NEBENAN.DE

  • 1.9 million address-verified neighbors in 8,000 neighborhoods across Germany
  • 110,000 registered tradespeople from retail, gastronomy, crafts, and service professions
  • one third of the users are not registered on any other social media platform
  • up to 25% household penetration in the top 15 cities
  • active community with 31% weekly returning users
  • nebenan.de

    1,000 use cases on one platform - 1,000 opportunities for native marketing

    Whether it's joint activities, mutual support, or the exchange of information at a local level - our strong neighborhood community drives small and large social issues forward in real life. We place your brand with your products in this meaningful environment and design holistic concepts around relevant future topics: Mobility in town & country, sustainability, environmental & climate protection, local store variety, health for body & mind, ways out of loneliness and much more. - we create an exciting advertising environment with a high thematic fit for your brand and our user community.

    Reach people where they really live – hyperlocal with NEBENAN.DE. Because together we achieve more.