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  • Auf Herz & Nieren - The podcast for health and well-being

    Medical editors Dr. Andrea Bannert and Eva Vogel talk to people who know best about our well-being: doctors, physicians and researchers. They tell listeners what they can do themselves to feel healthier. They take listeners on a journey through the miracle of the body and find out what really makes the heart, intestines, skin and head tick.


    Find your point of contact
    Find your point of contact

    Core data:

    • Frequency: biweekly
    • Publication day: Wednesdays
    • Reach: at least 200 streams per day
    • Base price: 3,500 euros net audio spot per episode
    • Platforms: Available on all popular platforms, such as Spotify, iTunes, AudioNow, Deezer, etc., as well as via focus-arztsuche.de