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  • FIT FOR FUN Social Media - Concentrated power on social media channels

    FIT FOR FUN tries to reach its users on all channels where they are active.

    On Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest, FIT FOR FUN is now followed by over 580,000 people who want to inspire and motivate themselves. Whether with workouts, recipes, relaxation tips or news.

    The aim of FIT FOR FUN is to be a daily companion for everyone who wants to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

    fit FOR FUN Social Media


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    Find your point of contact

    Key data

    Portalname FIT FOR FUN Social Media
    Facebook Fans 285,8951
    Instagram 96,4001
    Pinterest 219,0591
    1 August 2022, publisher's statement

    Why the social media channels of FIT FOR FUN?

  • Strong in social media: Over 1 million visits in the social networks.
  • Nearly one in five FIT FOR FUN users are reached via social media.
  • Advertising on the social media channels of FIT FOR FUN

    • Achieve additional reach by extending advertising campaigns onto social networks
    • Digital marketer Burda Forward is responsible for developing digital only advertising campaigns.